A craft brewery located on the beautiful Carroll Creek in Frederick, Maryland. Pouring 24 craft beers and ciders, all made in house.

Hours of Operation

Mon / Tue 4 - 9

Wed / Thu 4 - 10

Fri / Sat 12 - 11

Sun 12 - 8

Smoketown Creekside

301 834 4828

400 Sagner Ave. Suite 100.


Track One

Potomac IPA                             
7.4% 65 IBUs

Aromas of a hop field will delight your taste buds. Starts with a malt flavor, blending with the Falconer's Flight and Citra hops leaving you begging for another sip.

German Crossing Hefeweizen        
5.2% 17 IBUs

This wheat beer carries a full bodied flavor. A banana aroma compliments the hints of lemon and clove. A truly refreshing beer.

Light Rail Lager
4.5% ABV  18 IBU

Crisp, clean, bready malt flavor with an easy finish.                      

Berlin Brown Ale      
5.4% 21 IBUs

Don’t let the color fool you - this medium brown ale is smooth and sweet with hints of caramel. Winner of 2016 Maryland Comptroller’s Gold Medal.


The town of Brunswick was originally known as Berlin until zip codes began and it was discovered that MD had another Berlin on the Eastern Shore.

Shennanigans Shandy           
3.8% 12 IBUs

It's getting hotter out, more people are out enjoying the weather, and the river and trails are getting busy. So, damn it, we're making cool refreshing Shandy. We have taken our Hefeweizen and mixed it with our favorite carbonated lemonade. 

Gandy Oatmeal Stout                 
6.1% 26 IBUs

Full bodied, smooth stout with a taste of sweet oats and slight bitter finish.  It leads with aromas of coffee and chocolate.

Maryland Rye Maryland Rye IPA
6.7% 61 IBUs

The Gold Medal Winner of the Maryland Comptrollers Cup 2018 for brews made with Maryland products. It's a heavy rye forward IPA and meant for serious fans of rye.

Track  TWO

Chocolate Stache Chocolate Milk Stout
6.8% ABV 41 IBU

Remember when you were a kid and left goodies out for Santa? Well, this year he has decided to return the favor.  Enjoy this sweet chocolate milk stout and wipe away your ‘stache as you anticipate the big man’s return!

It's For My Wife Orange Milkshake IPA      
5.2% 25 IBUs

This silky smooth Orange Milkshake IPA takes you right back to the days of Push UP Posicles delivered by the ice cream man! Orange on the front end, slight hops on the end with a hint of vanilla. It's so good you may be a bit embarrassed to order it. That's okay though, just tell em' it's For My Wife!

Track  Three

Main Cup Coffee Stout               
8.0% 28 IBUs

Smoketown has teamed up with the Main Cup to create a beautifully balanced coffee stout. We have used the Main Cup House Blend Bean, and a bit of lactose to help carry more flavor to this delicious pick me up!

Krampus Habanero Stout 
8.2% ABV 59 IBU

Folklore has it that Krampus comes around every Christmas season to punish children who have misbehaved.  As an adult, being a little naughty add a little spiciness… This habanero brewed stout rewards your holiday spirits with a little kick in the back-end! Enjoy, you little devil!

Wick'd Threesome Belgian Tripel               
9.7% 30 IBUs

Floral aroma, a bit of Anise, and stone fruit flavors.  Starts off fruity, turns spicy with a dry finish.


Winner of 2016 Maryland Comptroller’s Silver Medal.

Smokestack Black Black IPA  

8.6% ABV 77 IBU

A dark IPA with a cascading tawny head.  Its fruity aroma leads to its robust Citra and Centennial Hop taste. Looks and tastes roasted like a stout, but finishes like an IPA.

Nadafinga Gingerbread Stout 
8.6% ABV 59 IBU

This gingerbread stout combines fresh ginger, locally sourced honey, and Grandma’s ginger snaps.  Perfect for any holiday occasion. Just remember if you need to walk away from the party for a bit, tell ‘em “Nadafinga!”

Smoketown Hard Cider              
8.0% 2 IBUs

We all like options, so, we have combined Cranberries, Blood Oranges, and Goldrush Apples to make this off the charts delicious Cider.

Yippee Ki Yay Candy Cane Stout
8.2% ABV 59 IBU

Nearly 30 years ago, a group of terrorists took control of Nakatomi Tower during a company Christmas party.  Only one man had the guts to stand up to these evil men. This stout was made with 160 candy canes- one for each bad guy McClane seemed to take out!  This refreshing stout will surely leave you yelling “Yippee Ki Yay------!” Well, you fill in the blank…