Wonder Wharf Old Bay Gose       
4.8% 11 IBUs

Wonder Wharf Gose is made with a Maryland tradition, Old Bay! We love that stuff on everything so we figured why not put it in a beer (and on the rim too!) This salty, refreshing beverage makes you want to put your toes in the sand and wish summer would just stay around all year.Cheers!

Smokestack Black IPA                
8.6% 77 IBUs

A dark IPA with a cascading tawny head.  Its fruity aroma leads to its robust Citra and Centennial Hop taste. Looks and tastes roasted like a stout, but finishes like an IPA.

Berlin Brown Ale                  
4.4% 21 IBUs

Don't let the color fool you. This medium color brown ale is so smooth with sweet hints of caramel you will be shocked it is not a light beer.

Rock the Red                       
4.5% 18 IBUs

A copper red American wheat beer with real raspberry puree.  The perfect summer patio beer.  Taste what it’s like to be a champion

Third Rail Rauchbier                
7.1% 30 IBUs

This smoked grain bill leads to a malty beer, making your taste buds wish there was just one more barbecue left in the season

The Other Dave West Coast IPA                  
6.4% 69 IBUs

This West Coast IPA is popping with tropical aromas and flavor, with notes of black currant and subtle pine. The malt takes a back seat and hops take the spotlight in this beautiful deep gold brew. It's crisp, piney hop bitterness will have IPA fans exicted for every sip. Dave's good friend Dave, has always been a huge supporter of Smoketown, even all the way from Sunny California. This one's for you, Other Dave!

Lockhouse 28 Imp. Stout 
8.2% ABV 70 IBU

A heavy Stout with a rich roasted malt flavor that leads to a toffee-type finish. Named for the lock house situated on the C&O Canal between Brunswick and Point of Rocks

Monorail SMaSH Beer
6.3% ABV  22 IBU

This deceivingly light colored beer starts out with a creamy front, then rides on to a crisp grain note, and ends at the bitter station with a long finish.

“Krampus” Habanero Stout 
8.2% ABV 70 IBU

Folklore has it that Krampus comes around every Christmas season to punish children who have misbehaved.  As an adult, being a little naughty add a little spiciness… This habanero brewed stout rewards your holiday spirits with a little kick in the back-end!  Enjoy, you little devil!

Kate's Double Rye IPA
8.0% ABV 63 IBU

Kate’s Bustle is a Double Rye IPA. She’s a sipper that takes you right back to the Wild West. She’s silky smooth on the front end with a big back end Rye bite. She’s one of a kind, she’s dangerous, and too much of her will have you wondering why Kate’s not wear a bustle.
How lewd!

20 Past 4 Hazy IPA                  
5.6% 69 IBUs

A single hopped session IPA using Idaho 7 hops. This juicy beer has a pronounced tropical fruit aroma with tasting hints of black tea.

It's For My Wife Orange Milkshake IPA      
5.2% 25 IBUs

This silky smooth Orange Milkshake IPA takes you right back to the days of Push UP Posicles delivered by the ice cream man! Orange on the front end, slight hops on the end with a hint of vanilla. It's so good you may be a bit embarrassed to order it. That's okay though, just tell em' it's For My Wife!

The Patsy Hazy IPA                 
6.7% 60 IBUs

Our New England IPA is a smooth, silky, classic hazy IPA which is soon to be a hit for everyone who tries it. It reminds us of a young lady who once graced our stage and went on to take on the world, It only seems fitting to name it Patsy- cheers!

A craft brewery located on the beautiful Carroll Creek in Frederick, Maryland. Pouring 24 craft beers and ciders, all made in house.

Hours of Operation

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